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  • What better way to mark someone’s special day than with a thoughtful bouquet of seasonal flowers?
  • Flowers make the perfect gift for someone who has everything; flowers are always a luxury, every bouquet is unique and you can never have enough!
  • Flowers also make great last-minute gifts. No more panicking when Facebook notifies you of a birthday that slipped your mind!
  • For a special touch, why not use flowers to convey a personal message? From their individual characteristics to their ancient mythology, flowers are rich with symbolism and meaning; now’s your chance to tell someone how you feel without even saying it aloud!


  • Have you ever noticed how certain scents can evoke feelings of nostalgia? Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and can trigger happy memories and feelings, making a perfumed bouquet the perfect way to mark a special day.
  • Why not channel the mood of the season with flowers traditionally associated with the month of your marriage?
  • We can even personalise your bouquet with flowers used on your wedding day or go all out by recreating the bridal bouquet to mark a special year!

Thank you

  • Thank you. If two little words can make someone feel appreciated, imagine the power of a bouquet!
  • Why not show someone you appreciate them with some specially selected flowers; think yellow for friendship, pink for gratitude and cream for appreciation, or let us create an arrangement of their favourites.

New Baby

  • Few moments in life are as exciting as the arrival of a new baby; while booties and baby grows are cute, it’s also nice to treat new parents with something for them!
  • So, whether you go for a pink bouquet to celebrate the arrival of a girl or a blue bouquet for a new boy, or mix it up with cheerful neutrals, we can help you spoil the new parents in your life.

Special events

  • There is nothing like the excitement of transforming your location into a unique and individual space.
  • No matter the vibe, theme or atmosphere of your event, we can help you translate your vision into reality.
  • So, whether you’re hosing a private party, prize-giving ceremony, birthday party or corporate event, let us help you add scent and wow factor to your space with our floral magic!